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Welcome to Redwall.

Redwall is centered around Redwall Abbey, a red sandstone abbey, it is the home to many of the good animals of Mossflower Woods. Redwall, is also home to the Mossflower woods, the sea and surrounding islands, Gorge of Foxes, and a land called Southsward. Another important location is the mountain fortress called Salamandastron, home to the Badger Lords and the famed hares of the Long Patrol, the mountain’s army. The creatures in Redwall are all anthropomorphic animals of some sort, known as Woodlanders, almost all of whom are capable of speech (with a few exceptions). Woodlanders who hail from Redwall Abbey are known as Redwallers.

Noble Species of Redwall

In Redwall, species almost invariably (with very few exceptions) determines a creature’s nature, whether good or evil. Some common noble species in Redwall include Badgers, Dove, Hares, Hedgehogs, Mice, Moles, Otters, Robin, Shrews, Sparrows, Squirrels, and Voles.

Monsters & Vermin of Redwall

Redwall and the surrounding regions are home to “monsters,” but these are not mythical creatures, rather being some type of ferocious predator. Monsters snakes, pike, sharks wolverines, scorpions, eel, giant lobster and crabs.

The Vermin of Redwall are rats, foxes, weasels, ferrets, ravens, stoats, ermine, sables, wildcats, magpies, rooks, crows, wolves, bats, lizards, owls, herons, hawks, and eagles.

Amphibians like toads and frogs have been featured also, and are considered as lower creatures by the the woodlanders that live in more basic tribal systems and are usually not villains but can be dangerous to adventures.

Religions of Redwall

The primary religion of Redwall is the church of St. Ninian’s, although the inhabitants of Redwall rarely speak of a creator or deity. In The Legend of Luke, it is said that “St. Ninian’s” is a misnomer from a sign that originally read “This ain’t Ninian’s!,” after a mouse named Ninian refused to help his wife build a house; some of the lettering later wore off, leaving ironically the words “s ain’t Ninian’s”, although the church is mentioned as having a lady chapel.

The Otters talk of the ‘Spirit of the Seasons’, who rules the land and sea.

Some Redwall dwellers occasionally speak of the devil, demons, and Hell. According to one named ferret Killconey, the snake Asmodeus is named the devil himself.

Vulpuz" is foreseen by one seer as the ruler of Hellgates and the ancestor of foxes. It is said, whenever a creature dies, creatures pass through the Hellgates into the Dark Forest.

Magic of Redwall

Redwall contains little practice of magic. Elements of the supernatural or paranormal appear mainly in two forms: ghosts and seers.

The ghost of long-dead heroes will often appear in hallucinations, dreams, or visions to one of the woodland creatures (usually, but not always, an Abbey-dweller) and impart information. The information is always accurate (though often in the form of a riddle) and is of a nature such that it must have come from the ghost of legend like Martin the Warrior and could not be the result of a creature “solving” a mystery in its sleep and dreaming about Martin the Warrior on its own.

Some creatures are called “seers” and claim to be able to see the future. Virtually all of the seers, both real and fraudulent, are vermin, who are generally considered more primitive and superstitious than woodlanders and other goodly creatures and are almost always the “bad guys.”

Present in Redwall is the sword of Martin the Warrior, which is believed by many creatures (especially vermin, who in some instances try to steal it) to be magical. This sword was forged from the fragment of a meteorite at Salamandastron by Badger Lord Boar the Fighter.

Locations of Redwall

Salamandastron is a large, extinct volcano on the western shore of Mossflower country. It was described as a “mountain of the fire lizard” in legends, which is what “Salamandastron” literally means. This wondrous place of plenty and nature has also been the site of many, many battles. These legends, as well as the the hope for aid from Bella’s father, Boar the Fighter, led Martin on a quest there as told in the tale of Mossflower. Many badgers go questing to Salamandastron, they are often led to it in dreams. Sooner or later, however, almost every male (and in some cases female) badger seems to feel the call to go to Salamandastron, though according to Tribes of Redwall Badgers sons rarely take over after their father. Typically when Badger Lords have children, their offspring run away. A notable exception was Russano the Wise, who raised a family while at the mountain. It’s said that two male badgers usually can never live together. Such cases are Lord Hightor and Sagax.

The name is taken from a combination of “salamander”, a lizard who was supposed to live in fire, and “astron”, which is Latin for the word star. A stone carving of a fire lizard head was located inside the mountain during the times of Boar the Fighter. Boar sometimes lifted this carving to a window opening and lit a fire inside to simulate a dragon spewing fire from its mouth. This trick often frightened and chased away searats from the Western Coast.

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